Most buyers purchase their home through a #home mortgage loan. Getting a statement for how much you can receive from a lender, means knowing how much you can afford, and is also known as PRE-APPROVAL. ⠀

Making this your first step means, when you find your dream home – your offer is more likely to STAND OUT to the seller, and be accepted. Most sellers are wary of buyers without this. Save yourself from house-hunting heartache, by first contacting lenders and comparing your options. ⠀I CAN GET YOU THERE. I can recommend lenders to get you started. Also by working with me, you get access to an exclusive ZeroPlus loan by #KellerMortgage. I’m so excited to be able to offer this to my clients as an option, because unlike other loans, there’s NO FEES. ⠀
Drop me a line and say you want to get started!⠀ 

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